Children, as well as many adults, are terrified about the thought of going to the dentist. In the days of old, dentistry was not a pleasant experience. Even today, one of the major fears is the anticipation and worry about the procedure of filling cavities. Traditionally it involves injections to numb the pain of drilling and the actual drilling necessary to clean the decay out of the tooth. Consequently, many patients avoid seeing the dentist for as long as possible or until the pain is unbearable, which often leads to more serious problems.

“Times, they are a changing.”

Today’s recent advancements in dentistry offer numerous patient-friendly technologies. The most friendly and pleasant of all is AIR ABRASION technology, also referred to as MICROABRASION.  Air abrasion technology is absolutely pain free. There is no need for painful injections or drilling.

A gentle stream of powder and air cleans the cavity in the tooth and a special kind of white, metal-free filling material adheres to the tooth and is much stronger than conventional fillings. There are other phenomenal benefits, as well. With no side effects, it can be used on all patients; healthy tooth structure will not be damaged or lost in the process, as it only removes the decay.

The technology is conservative and prevents the need for larger fillings, which notoriously can crack teeth as time goes on. When teeth crack, more expensive procedures will be necessary, such as crowns and possibly even root canals. Depending on the dental office, little individual fillings may be used, which is often less expensive than the price of a single or larger fillings, reducing the general and long-term cost to the patient.

This technology is available to you today – insist on it – take advantage of its enormous potential and discover that today’s dentistry can indeed be pleasant for you and your entire family.

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