Teeth Whitening in One Hour

Teeth whitening

One Hour Teeth Whitening

Dr. Braich use a new teeth whitening technology developed with Dr. John Warner Phd, a former NASA scientist. By directing a gas plasma light source towards the teeth covered with a special gel we are able to bring back the optimal natural whiteness. This unique delivery system works on all the teeth at once – offering our patients amazing results in just over ninety minutes!

The Rembrandt system uses a special gel containing only 15% hydrogen peroxide, much easier on the enamel than traditional whitening methods that contained up to 30% peroxide. And independent scientific studies have proven that the One-Hour Rembrandt bleaching procedure is safe to enamel.

Rembrandt in-office bleaching is a fast, effective way to achieve whiter teeth. Stains and natural discoloration can detract from your smile, but with one of the most trusted names in tooth whitening, you can have beautiful, white teeth in just one hour! The procedure is very straightforward and completely safe.

The Teeth Whitening Process

Before bleaching, the teeth must be thoroughly clean, freed of plaque or tartar and then rinsed and dried. Once this is done, the teeth should be measured to determine the pre-bleach shade of the teeth.

Then, cheek retractors are put in place to hold the lips and cheeks away from the teeth.

Drawing of a brush going over a toothAfter the teeth and gingiva (gum tissue) are completely dried, a paint on, light curable dam, is applied to protect the gingiva and root surfaces. Once applied, the dam is then cured with the PowerLight that hardens the dam to a rubber-like consistency. It is now time to mix the Powergel and brush it onto the teeth being treated.

Teeth whiteningOnce the gel applied, the PowerLight is set to the bleach setting. The gel is wiped off and the teeth are rinsed thoroughly. Once rinsed, the protective coating or “gingival barrier” is removed and again the teeth are measured to determine the post bleaching shade of the teeth. Generally the results are astounding to most patients with the tooth color improving 8 to 10 shades.

You will then be instructed about certain foods that need to be avoided during the few days following the treatment.

All of this can be accomplished in approximately one hour and you can leave the office of Dr. Braich with the confidence of knowing that you have a beautiful and brilliant smile.

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