Dental Fillings

Dental fillingsDental fillings can be used on tooth with cavities to restore their shapes, solidity and functionality when at least 60% of the teeth original material remains in place and holds together. First the tooth must be prepared by cleaning and removing any decay and then the fillings can be placed in the cavities, filling all space and therefore protecting the material inside.

The removal of all the decay stop the deterioration and can be done quite gently by Dr. Braich using his Gentle Dental Care. Once clear of decay then it is best to fill the cavity with dental composite porcelain inlays.

Porcelain gives beautiful and natural looking results making it the ultimate choice for the cosmetic point of view. It also does not much conduct heat and cold, so the repaired teeth may be less sensitive to hot and cold foods. The strength of porcelain is very dependent on the thickness of the piece.

Dental composite is a resin composed of synthetic materials and provides a great alternative to silver colored the legacy amalgam and the more costly gold or porcelain inlays. It presents the following benefits:

  • It can be easily made to match the filled tooth color;
  • It is durable and strong;
  • Its bonding process allows for reduced leaking and some protection against decay.
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