Palm Beach Veneers™

Palm Beach VeneersDeveloped right here in Palm Beach Gardens, our veneers have taken the dental world by storm. One look at a Palm Beach Veneers™ smile and you’ll see why!

After years of study and research Dr. Braich has developed the first patented and Engineered Veneer™ for the ever widening world of our patients and their dental aesthetic needs. Our veneer’s design successfully eliminates all the inherent problems of the regular minimum prep and no-prep veneers available today.

Superior VeneersThe patient’s satisfaction with our product has been considerably enhanced by an intricate system of simple cosmetic procedures, which allow close cooperation between dentist, patient and laboratory. The particulars of minimal tooth reduction, as part of the our training, will assure the unlimited retention and adherence of the veneer to the tooth structure, giving the patient the security of a long lasting and perfect aesthetic result.

Patients and dentists alike will definitely appreciate the simplicity, elegance and comfort of the entire system. The procedure is a pleasant experience for all involved and our patients have the beautiful happy smiles to prove it.

The latest development in the family of veneers – offering the ultimate stability and highest resistance, therefore the maximum longevity are the Engineered Veneers™ such as the Palm Beach Veneers™.

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