Gentle Dental Care

Gentle dental careYou will find with Dr. Florian Braich the most gentle dental services supported by Micro-Abrasion technology for very gentle dental decay removal, a caring and friendly team of dental professionals committed to providing the very best care for you and our relaxed atmosphere putting you at ease with our gentle dental touch.

You will enjoy the benefits of most friendly and gentle technology in dental care, micro-abrasion.
It is a fine stream of air and tiny sand particles that gently removes decay. Far superior to drilling it cleans the cavity like a small sandblaster.

A gentle stream of powder and air cleans the cavity in the tooth and a special kind of white, metal-free filling material adheres to the tooth and is much stronger than conventional fillings. There are other phenomenal benefits, as well. With no side effects, it can be used on all patients; healthy tooth structure will not be damaged or lost in the process, as it only removes the decay.

The technology is conservative and prevents the need for larger fillings, which notoriously can crack teeth as time goes on. When teeth crack, more expensive procedures will be necessary, such as crowns and possibly even root canals. Depending on the dental office, little individual fillings may be used, which is often less expensive than the price of a single or larger fillings, reducing the general and long-term cost to the patient.

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