Over the years you may have heard your dentist remarking that your gums need to be healthier. Several treatment modalities have been implemented over decades with relative success. Some patients have improved but many are still losing their teeth in spite of their dental visits and the proverbial “cleaning”.

The gum disease, periodontitis, affects by all statistics over 90% of the adult population. Extensive scientific studies demonstrate beyond any doubt that various major life threatening diseases like heart disease, diabetes, immune disorders and others are promoted if not originated by gum disease.

If your gums are not healthy they represent a major entrance port to your bloodstream for many microorganisms with devastating consequences. Seeing your dentist twice a year for your “cleaning” is just not enough. Daily brushing and flossing will help but then why does the majority of the adult population still suffer of gum disease? What else can be done?

Many habits like smoking, alcoholism, teeth grinding and others, negatively influence your gums as well, not to mention your entire health.

One essential and crucial factor of influence has been and will probably be ignored by modern medicine: nutrition.

The old Romans used to say that everything we eat is medicine or for that matter, poison, depending on what we swallow. Your daily diet can influence your general health and of course your gums to a higher degree than any medicine taken sporadically or at length. So you are what you eat, correct? The quantity of good or bad ‘medicine’ you are ingesting during a lifetime is enormous – so are the consequences to your health.

It is general knowledge that without vitamins, in particular Vitamin C, you will lose your teeth. Vitamins and minerals as well as fiber are found in all fruits and vegetables, particularly if they are consumed fresh rather than cooked, frozen or canned. Changing your diet – established over a lifetime – can be a dramatic challenge. Nutritionists agree on this point. Looking for delicious fruits loaded in such vitamins and minerals will stimulate your desire to consume them often and in greater quantities. Exotic fruits in particular have been proven to deliver an enormous quantity and variety of vitamins and fibers necessary to set your gums on a healthier course.

Recently and after many international studies a certain ancient fruit, the Lychees, have emerged at the top of the list for delivering “nature’s medicine” which our bodies were designed around and meant to consume, not the pills we are swallowing daily by the handful.

Examining the list of vitamins and minerals the Lychees contain, it becomes clear that this fruit will develop in the future to the winner on our favorites list. Have you tried it yet? Once you do you will discover for yourself that nothing can compare to its taste and healthfulness. If you become “addicted” to Lychees, consider this as a healthy “addiction”.

Lychees are an exotic, ancient fruit growing on trees in the tropical areas of Asia in several varieties. The problem of course is to find these imports free of preservatives like sulfides (particularly found on Lychees imported over long distances).

Miraculously and extremely fortunate for us here in the USA, one particular variety, the Sweetheart Lychee, grows only in the southernmost parts of our Sunshine State of Florida. No preservatives are necessary when consuming fresh or frozen fruit grown here. Giving the best taste of all Lychees and providing the highest concentration of “nature’s medicine” for your gums and general health, this Florida native Sweetheart will become your favorite in the near future.

You will love your gum and health “medicine” and your diet will finally receive the help it needs.

© 2010 All rights reserved Dr Florian Braich DDS PhD