Dentistry today offers a large variety of options to everyone wanting to improve their natural smile.

Dental VeneersIn the early stage the orthodontist with the help of braces can modify the misaligned natural teeth and bring your bite to the desirable configuration.  Later on additional improvement can be reached by employment of porcelain crowns and dental veneers.  Color can be augmented with a less intrusive and more economical procedure: teeth whitening.

How would patients decide for themselves what option would be most indicated, most economical, more comfortable, longer lasting and finally offering the most dramatic improvement of all?

Your dentist – especially a cosmetic oriented one – may advise you after a consultation and proper examination.  Depending on your dental condition, budget and desired changes, the proper treatment can offer you the smile you’ve always wanted with a minimum of discomfort.

Dental veneers

If the option in question will involve dental veneers vs. crowns, the veneers will require less tooth reduction and therefore will be more conservative.  The veneers will work best however if your teeth are not previously treated with multiple fillings.  A solid base of the natural tooth in question will provide the veneer with the necessary resistance and subsequently a much longer life than if fillings are present.  Misalignment can be corrected with veneers as well as the color.

The most important fact your dentist will check is the presence of grinding marks on your natural teeth.  Parafunctions such as grinding, clinching and pressing could represent a risk factor for delicate veneers.  The utilization of a custom made nightguard can prevent undesirable cracks or even fractures of the front veneers.  Your dentist will determine if such a device may become necessary.

At the end of the consultation your dentist may discuss with you the different veneers available today.  The palette of possibilities includes those with no tooth preparation, minimum preparation and regular preparation veneers according to the amount of tooth reduction necessary for the desired effect.  This discussion is very important and the differences must be weighed against the advantages offered by each veneer class.

Presently the minimum prep veneers or the hybrid veneers offer the highest degree of success.  The latest development in the family of veneers – offering the ultimate stability and highest resistance, therefore the maximum longevity are the Engineered Veneers™ such as the Palm Beach Veneers™.

Discussing all your options with your dentist as well as your goals will provide him with the basic requisite for an ideal treatment decision, delivering you the permanent rejuvenated smile you are looking for.

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