Dental rejuvenationFor over two decades, and even longer, the concept of rejuvenation of the face was exclusively considered to be in the hands of the plastic surgeons.  Any person aspiring to improve their physical appearance and shaking off years of the aging process will seek the services of the plastic / aesthetic industry and will be willing to undergo painful injections with all manner of substances such as Botox, Restylane and others.  Even illegally combined administrations have occasionally made waves in the press.

Considering the generally short duration of these improvements and the necessity of re-treatments, the costs and discomfort–or real suffering—of such repetitive applications had to be always taken into close consideration by the patient pursuing rejuvenation.

Other procedures such as epidermal abrasions, acid peels and so on have also been employed and continue their popularity even in these times, supporting the multibillion dollar cosmetic / aesthetic industry.

The desire to look better and feel decades younger is very understandable particularly in our times when, with the help of modern medicine, the expectation of a full life continues to increase.

The film industry, TV and show businesses are a vivid demonstration of the achievements of cosmetic medicine.  Some cosmetic results are spectacular indeed, but very many cases appear as stuffed, expressionless, overstretched and almost unnatural looking facial expressions.

Some plastic surgeons however have discovered the ultimate recipe for predictable success:  the cooperation and co-treatment with the Aesthetic Dentist.

It is an anatomical fact that the soft parts of your face, skin and muscles, the mechanism of your facial expression movements and appearance are supported by the skeletal understructure.  The jaw structure is majorly influenced by your teeth, their interaction and position.

Can your plastic surgeon improve with any procedure a face missing its teeth?  The answer is categorically, No.  Any cosmetic treatment cannot elevate a collapsing bite.  But what about a more common and very widespread case of worn down teeth – present in almost all ages due to grinding of the natural bite.  Your teeth will shorten constantly under wear due to their function.  Your bite, or occlusion, will diminish in time; your facial dimensions will follow suit and aging will become noticeable.  Compare your photos over the last 20 to 30 years; the facial dimension did change quite a bit, right?

Dental Rejuvenation

The anti-aging principles developed by cosmetic dentistry today can produce permanent and stable rejuvenation and at the same time rehabilitate your dental system.  There are several principles and goals moving together to amazingly rejuvenate your face.  Remember, the positive changes are permanent, medically necessary, and you are not dependant on permanent, expensive and painful re-treatments of injections.  The rejuvenation you desire is only the side effect – the extra bonus – as a result of your dental rehabilitation.

Since antique times, as determined and described by ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, the classical face was divided into three horizontal segments – the upper, median and lower face.  Our lower dimension, between the nose and the chin, is majorly if not solely determined by our teeth. Reducing the height of teeth or losing teeth causes this one third of the facial dimension to substantially decrease; the folds, wrinkles and all aging aspects will follow – the aging process is initiated.

To reverse this aging process – rejuvenating you permanently – your cosmetic dentist will remodel your bite and compensate in just a few weeks for decades of aging.

Another aspect of rejuvenation will be achieved by revitalization of your smile line – the proportional position of your front teeth.  Did you ever wonder how much your front teeth influence the position and support of your lips?  Why use painful injections to inflate your lips and eliminate wrinkles, an ever repeated process, when your front teeth can do the same – permanently and painlessly?

It has been established that by simply whitening your teeth – the color of your porcelain crowns or veneers can be determined by you in discussions with your dentist – can rejuvenate your smile by more than twenty years;  “before and after” photos are clear evidence.

An extra bonus – and possibly the most important one – is the substantial increase of self confidence.
A patient with the reconditioned front teeth will keep smiling and feel at his or her best all the time.
Can skin injections do the same?

As for the financial aspect of dental rejuvenation, the patient must consider some very clear facts:  the dental rejuvenation is just a bonus of a dentally necessary procedure to preserve your health.  A face lift is purely elective and is not a medically imposed treatment.  In many cases the final aesthetic results of a dental rejuvenation will render the additional cosmetic face lift unnecessary.  The majority of such patients will be psychologically rejuvenated to a point of physical happiness when nothing else appears desirable of change and particularly there is no longer any dependence on painful and expensive, short lasting procedures.

And finally, crowns and veneers – the base of your dental rejuvenation – can cost much less than a permanently running non-dental rejuvenation program.  Remember also, some cosmetic dental offices offer the cosmetic consultation at no charge.  This is the time to explore all your aesthetic options and meet your best and timeless decision.

The permanent dental rejuvenation in today’s economic environment poses the question: how far will your investment go?  Consider that the dental rejuvenation will rehabilitate your teeth, prevent dental destruction, treat your gums, elevate your bite and reestablish the facial dimensions from your younger years, spectacularly elevate your smile with a much brighter color, support your lips and cheeks, reduce wrinkles and again, most importantly, a lasting psychological rejuvenation – a grand palette of advantages to consider – is all this cost effective?  Without a doubt, it is.